Nordic Style Bedroom Decor for Teens

Have your kids grown out of their children's bedroom decor? We're here to help redecorate with a Nordic feel.
Nordic Style Bedroom Decor for Teens

Last update: 01 December, 2019

Children grow up and there comes a time to change their bedroom decor into something more suitable for their age. If you want to make sure that the new decor’s a hit, try a Nordic look. The Nordic decor style is a decor trend that’s been winning us over for years now and it’s perfect for a teenager’s bedroom.

What is Nordic decor?

Nordic teenager what

By now, you probably are very familiar with the Nordic decor style. But a quick review on its origins and the keys for pulling it off always come in handy.

This decor style comes to us from Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Until the 50s, Nordic decor was hardly ever popular. Over time, it became a decor sensation. Though its popularity isn’t solely due to IKEA, the store certainly did bring Nordic decor options within everyone’s reach.

Part of its success stems from the perfect combination of simplicity and practicality. The underlying concept behind the decor style is that everything in a home should fulfill a function. As for the decor accessories, they should create a peaceful, positive atmosphere.  If not, why are they in your home in the first place?

Decor keys for creating a teenage Nordic room

If you want to give your children’s room a more mature setting without making it too serious, Scandinavian pieces are what you need.

By following these guidelines, you can pull together a beautiful teenage room that will surely please without breaking the bank.

1. Open spaces

Nordic teenager open space

Open spaces are one of the basic pillars of the Nordic decor style – diaphanous spaces where everything is connected. Make sure that the bedroom is visually spacious.

2. Neutral colors

Nordic colors

A successful Nordic bedroom will be peaceful and well-lit. Considering that it’s for a teenager, that’s music to anyone’s ears. Make it a reality by choosing a color palette with white, gray and beige as base colors. If you want to add a pop of color, light blue works great on accessories or bedding.

3. Indoor nature

Nordic teenager nature

This decor style loves nature, forests, sunlight, and trees. While you shouldn’t go as far as to turn your children’s room into a forest, give it a few hints of nature with natural plants, raw wood detail or even with pictures of plants or animals.

4. Let natural light flood in

Nordic teenager light

Countries so far north adore the sun’s rays. Hence, their homes have big windows, free of curtains, that let light flood in.

But in addition to possibly holding different customs, intimacy is an important factor to keep in mind when decorating. Instead of skipping completely out of curtains, try a light, subtle shade instead. Make sure it goes unnoticed, blending into the rest of the decor.

5. And what about lighting?

Nordic teenager lighting

It has to be warm. Flee from cool light sources. At most, use a flex study lamp on the desk to ensure a strong light source as your children study but try to keep the general lighting gentle and warm. The right lighting will create a cozy, intimate setting.

6. Eco-friendly

Nordic teenager eco

Use materials that respect the environment. Look for non-toxic wood options.

By decidedly choosing eco-friendly materials, you can respect the planet and give your children a healthier bedroom at the same time. Make sure to check the materials of your bedding.  Look for natural materials and try to avoid plastics at all costs.

7. Sturdy yet gentle floors

Nordic teenagers floors

As for floors, wood is the clear winner for Nordic decor. Light wood flooring or floors with a coat of white varnish will fill the room with light and warmth. As a result, the room will look bigger and cleaner.

Try a long hair rug during the winter to tie everything together. Now you know all the decor keys for pulling off the Nordic decor style. But, what does a teenage bedroom need?

Teenage bedroom basics

Nordic teenager basics
  • Bed with a quality mattress. Teens need plenty of sleep.
  • Two simple and functional nightstands. Your children need a place to leave their phones, books, and headphones aside.
  • Desk for studying. Look for a wooden desk and pair it with a quality chair. If you add in a board that they can take or stick notes on, even better.
  • Shelving unit. Children need space to put away their things: clothes, electronics, secrets… Yep, they need their privacy.
  • Decorative objects. Only a few, light pieces. Try to keep their rooms free of little, useless things that only attract dust. But give your children a chance to pick out their decor accessories.

And done! A Nordic bedroom will be their dreams come true.