Making the Most of Space in Shared Bedrooms

Order is the most important part of the magic formula for making the most of space in shared bedrooms. Order has to come first.
Making the Most of Space in Shared Bedrooms

Last update: 19 July, 2019

Regardless of how big or small your home may be, you should always strive to make the most of your space. In homes where the number of household members exceeds the number of bedrooms, that principle becomes even more important to set-up shared bedrooms.

Most of the time, sharing a bedroom is a sibling thing. Many sisters share rooms with their sisters, brothers with their brothers, or even just siblings with their siblings.

But sometimes non-family members or people who aren’t a couple might have to share a room together, too. This is common for students who live in a dorm. In such cases, a shared room is simply a more economical option.

In shared bedrooms, everything needs to be organized and set-up correctly to create the most comfortable space possible. But, how can you do that? Check out the tricks in our post today.

The key to success

When you have to share a bedroom, the most important factor is order. Order won’t only allow you to set-up everything easily, but it’ll also help you make smart changes if needed.

shared bedroom order

Additionally, order helps each room-member find and organize his or her personal objects while settling in without bothering the other. This goes hand-in-hand with an efficient room-layout and setting out of decor accessories for a pleasant, livable setting.

Furniture pieces for shared bedrooms

These days, furniture pieces for shared bedrooms are usually custom-ordered and versatile. In other words, they’re multi-functional. For example, a folding table that can work as a desk but can fold back into a wall.

Multi-functional furniture pieces are very practical and in some cases, can feature wheels for more dynamism and portability. Chairs and a rotating bookcase are great examples.

As for beds, bunk beds are popular options and they come in a wide variety. Many models feature a set of drawers, shelves or other storage elements as well to make the most of space.

Accessories for shared bedrooms

Not surprisingly, organizers (boxes, baskets, bags)  are the most important accessories for shared bedrooms. You can place them in any corner, shelf, closet and even under your bed.

And you don’t have to always keep them out of sight; they can work as a part of your bedroom decor. But if you have a small room, you should hide them to not overwhelm the setting.

shared bedroom organizers

On a different note, hanging accessories can be a great idea, too. They can help keep your room clear and easily accessible. Try wall lamps or clip lamps on your shelves.

As for shelving or storing units, simple door-less options work best. These models can close, leaving clutter out of sight. Remember, try to avoid weighing down your room with too many items.

Shelves can really come in handy, even nightstands. The surface area can provide you with much-needed space for things other than books.

Shared bedroom tricks

  • Distract onlookers from the actual size of your room by using a showy decor piece as a visual focal point. You could use a decor object, cabinet, etc.
  • Try keeping your walls light and neutral to create more visual space and light.
  • For the same reason, use lightweight, transparent curtains.
  • This might go against Feng Shui, but try using a mirror to make your room look bigger.
  • Avoiding any kind of excessive decor accessory is fundamental. They can become an obstruction or a burden. For example, avoid giant pillows or stuffed animals.
shared bedroom tricks

Final notes

Adding on to everything we’ve talked about above, remember that you have to keep walking areas clear. Try to leave enough space around your furniture pieces and decor accessories as well.

Taking the time to plan will help you use your space efficiently. Look for smart solutions and don’t make rushed decisions.