How to Give a Sensual Touch to Your Bedroom

Do you want to give a sensual touch to your bedroom without losing its current style? Here you'll find some easy, simple ideas to do this in your own home.
How to Give a Sensual Touch to Your Bedroom

Last update: 04 November, 2018

Giving this touch to your bedroom is a good way to feel better in your personal space. You can do this sporadically. It may be something you think of doing for an anniversary or a special event. However, a sensual bedroom doesn’t need to be temporary. It can be an everlasting fixture in your home.

Pallet bed with headboard

We as human beings tend to fall prey to monotony: work, home, children, work. Therefore, it’s important to break that routine with small things. One of them is to renew or refresh your room’s style.

Your bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house. It’s an intimate, personal space in which many things happen. However, our lives are usually hurried and we don’t always value the time that we have. The same thing happens with our space – we see it every day, so it loses its value over time.

Our bedroom needs to get us out of that routine so that we can live an exciting, adventurous life. This will benefit us as we’ll begin to enjoy a much cozier, suggestive, and intimate room with our partner.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll give you some key ideas to achieve a special touch to your room without it losing its original style. 

Sensual yes, over the top, no

Many people may be put off to hear that a bedroom can be sensual. However, we don’t have to over exaggerate this feeling in our bedroom. All we’re trying to achieve is to give it a different and suggestive touch without it being vulgar. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry because the ideas we’ll give you will make your room a beautiful and special place. 

How to decorate your bedroom with a sensual touch


The texture of the cloth and fabric in any room is important. They’re the elements that are in direct contact with our skin. In order to give a sensual touch to the room, we recommend that you change your bedding to silk or satin sheets. In addition to these being beautiful to look at as they bring elegance and brightness to the room, they’re soft and luxurious to touch.

satin sheets sensual touch

The importance of lighting

Lighting is a fundamental part of giving a sensual touch to your bedroom. In addition to the bedroom’s main source of lighting, we recommend that you have table or floor lamps that can serve as ambient lighting. 

Remember that warm lighting is best for ambient lighting. Another thing that will help you achieve a sensual touch is if you use lampshades in warm tones.

Candles are another source of light that you can’t miss in your room if you’re looking to achieve a sensual feel. Think about placing them in an unusual place, such as a bathroom if you have an en-suite. If not, placing them on a dresser or bedside table will also look great.


Mirrors can also help you create a sensual room. In addition to providing more light and spaciousness, they’ll reflect things. You can place them on the wall or on your headboard.

The main area: the bed

To give a sensual touch to your room while also adding a touch of romance, a canopy bed is the perfect choice. If you have semi-transparent curtains hanging from the canopy bed, even better.

Crystal accessories

Decorative elements made of glass or crystal can also help lend a sensual touch to your room. You can play with this material in small or grand ways.

If you’re bold and you have a bathroom connected to your bedroom, one way to separate both rooms is by building cement walls and placing a glass door with a design on it.

To add a bit of privacy to the bathroom but without completely hiding the space, you can use translucent glass.

A special  piece of furniture

Our last piece of advice about attaining a sensual bedroom is this: we suggest that you forget whatever chairs or seating that you currently have in your room. Instead, invest in a special piece of furniture that will undoubtedly give a sensual touch to your room. Think about incorporating a divan into your room. 

A divan or chaise lounge is a type of elongated piece of furniture that usually doesn’t have a backrest. A person can comfortably lie down on it. If yours is upholstered in velvet, even better.

On an unrelated note, think about incorporating a fragrance that engulfs the entire room. For example, use diffusers or essential oils. As you can see, there are many small things you can do to give your bedroom a touch of sensuality. You want your bedroom to be a special, intimate place.