How to Do a Bedroom Makeover in One Weekend

If you have a free weekend, why not use it to make some changes to your bedroom? We're going to give you some simple ideas that will help you turn it into the room you want to spend all your time in.
How to Do a Bedroom Makeover in One Weekend

Last update: 16 November, 2020

One of the parts of a home that people put the most time and money into is their bedroom. It’s a relaxing space where you can rest at the end of the day, and what better way to spend your days off than to make it the best it can be? In this article, we’re going to give you some ideas on how to do a bedroom makeover in just one weekend.

The little things and additions will give it a new, different feeling and make your bedroom into your favorite room, without even having to put in too much effort. Style and design are just as important in your bedroom as they are in the rest of the house. But the main goal is to create a calm space that you can relax in.

Our suggestion is to make some new little corners in the room by adding simple things that will give your bedroom another use besides sleeping. We also have some tips on what to buy and what quick makeovers you can do to make it look different. So, are you ready for your new room?

How to do a one-weekend bedroom makeover

Tidy up

A tidy bedroom.

The first step is to tidy up and get rid of things you don’t need. Just that by itself will work wonders and make your bedroom look amazing. It’s easy to start holding onto more and more things and thinking they’re where they belong, without really stopping to think about it.

Look around your bedroom for a few minutes and make a note of everything that’s not where it belongs, isn’t a necessity, or is just something you happened to set down and ended up becoming part of the decoration. At the end of the day, your disorder says a lot about you.

If you need to, you could also think about buying another piece of furniture to help you with storage. A bedroom is a place for relaxation and romance, and things that don’t help with that don’t need to be there.


A bedroom with lots of dark gray.

Reorganize your furniture. Think about whether your bed would be best by a window or somewhere else, or in a different orientation. Try all the different possibilities and see what makes the room flow best.

Dressers and chests of drawers make great nightstands. Not only are they large (lots of space), they add character to a room, and you’ll be saving the space that it took up before and giving it a 2-in-1 use beside your bed.

Take the opportunity to turn your mattress over or shake it to fluff it up.

Don’t settle for what you already have in your room, either. Look around your house, especially the living room, and take any decor elements that you think might look good in your bedroom.

Tall floor lamps, plants, rugs, and lots of other living room items can end up being the exact things you need for a bedroom makeover.


A bedroom with high ceilings.

The weekend might be the perfect time to give your bedroom a makeover by replacing things. For example, replacing the handles on your drawers is a simple, effective trick to make your room stand out.

There are lots of different kinds at home improvement stores. All you have to do is find some that go well with the style you want in the room. The easiest option here is to get enough handles for all your furniture, for an instant sense of balance.

Another great idea for a weekend makeover that can make your bedroom super original is to use a piece of furniture that would normally never be in a bedroom and put it to a different use. Using a bar cart as a nightstand is a perfect example of this, and one of our favorites. 

Update your linens to give your bedroom a makeover

A bedroom with a green and white decor scheme.

One of the most drastic, most immediate changes you can make to a bedroom is to change your linens. This can mean anything from getting a new comforter to adding ribbons and trim to your current one. Everything goes! If you’re handy, you could even try upholstering a big headboard for the bed. It will steal the show.

New bedclothes will also do a great job of giving the room a completely new feel. Try to mix patterns and designs, or use a floral pattern with the neutral scheme you already have, and you won’t regret it!

If your bedroom is looking a bit flat and needs some color or texture, that’s easy to find. Just put a blanket at the foot of the bed. Pick out a color that contrasts with the comforter and makes for a nice added touch. You can also be bold and use other textures, like wool, crochet, or velvet.

A light-colored room.

There’s no more visually pleasing way to give a room personality that hanging paintings and prints on the wall. We’re also big fans of wood prints with quotes or initials for your name. You’ll be surprised at just how different your bedroom looks when you turn the walls into an art gallery.

Create a reading corner

A room with a tea set and bookcase.

It may be last, but this might be our favorite makeover idea. If you want to make your room extra special, give yourself a nice little reading corner where you can relax with a cup of coffee and a great book.

All you need is a comfy armchair that matches the decor in the room, a good floor lamp, and a fluffy rug. This will immediately turn into your favorite part of the room. You’ll be able to spend hours cozying up in your reading corner,  throughout the year.