Creating a Happy Space for your Baby

In this article, we'll talk about two simple and beautiful projects to create a happy space for your baby - an enchanted forest or a safari.
Creating a Happy Space for your Baby

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Decorating the nursery is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming project. You want to keep your baby safe and comfortable, but you also want to create a happy space for them. Why not create a theme room for the baby?

Here are a couple of ideas that are perfect for a nursery, but that you can still use for when your baby grows up.

Both ideas offer a classic aesthetic with their style, but they’re also modern and perfect for when your baby needs their first bed.

Jungle themed bedroom.

Growing up in an enchanted forest

This magical theme is a great way to teach taking care of nature, and it’s an original happy space for your baby.

An enchanted forest is a relaxing design that turns their bedroom into a little haven. This rustic theme will give their room a cozy and intimate vibe.

Create different textures using fabrics, linings, and decorative elements to get that magical forest look. Use elements to imitate moss, trees on the horizon, creeks, and a clear blue sky above.

The most obvious choice of color is green, but combine it with light shades of brown. When mixing both colors, add a little bit of white. To recreate the fall, add a few strokes of gold on the leaves of the trees.

For the walls, use pastel greens to relax your baby. Use a strong color on just one of the walls and add a focal point, like a fireplace.

Use wallpaper to add fun details in the shape of ferns, leaves, or pines. Make sure you add designs like leaves or branches to the furniture, bed linens, cushions or on the lampshades. If you know how to draw, paint a mural on one of the walls.

A baby's happy place in a jungle themed nursery room.

Create a happy safari-themed space

This is another idea for parents who don’t want to use blue or pink for their baby’s nursery. This decor style uses light shades of yellow and grey. The safari theme is fun and can turn any room into an adventure.

The color palette is relaxing because it mixes shades of green, yellow, and brown to create a jungle-like environment.

You can also use even lighter shades of jungle colors, such as gold or mint. These colors will match the walls and other decoration elements, such as curtains, lamps, and rugs.

Complement this decor style with pictures or drawings of animals on the walls.  Create a photographic journey for your baby using pictures of giraffes, lions or zebras. You could add African crafts or fabrics, and furniture made of tropical wood.

Jungle themed mural in children's room.

If you’re going for a more soft and shiny effect, pick white furniture. Use fabrics with animal prints and decorative accessories, such as blankets and cushions. The lamps and ceiling mobiles can include animals from your baby’s safari.

Nurseries or children’s rooms with a jungle theme are always fun and fresh. Thanks to their soft color palette, your child won’t feel overwhelmed. Dare to paint a mural on the walls and give your baby an adventurous journey.