Discover the Latest Shower Trends for 2018

If you want a fashionable bathroom, you need to know about these innovative showers.
Discover the Latest Shower Trends for 2018

Last update: 15 October, 2018

More and more people are swapping the bathtub for the shower. Although they’re usually great for smaller bathrooms, it’s also possible to find them in larger, more spacious bathrooms.

Plus, bathtubs come with many great advantages. For example, with a shower, you’ll waste a lot less time and water (unless you have a shower with high-pressure jet streams). That’s why it’s important to do some research before you go out and buy your shower, so you can choose the most efficient model.

Today’s designs are so innovative – in their look, as well as in what they can do. In this article, we’ll give you some examples of the most innovative showers on the market in 2018.

Hydro-massage shower cabins

Also known as shower columns, this system involves using hot water and high pressure. Although they’ve been around for a few years now, their designs are becoming more and more ingenious. They consist of a vertical panel, divided into three sections:

  1. The shower head: These are found in the upper section and can be round or square. They have many different functions, which have become increasingly advanced in recent years. For example, you might find a rain effect, a waterfall effect (you can limit how much water is released) a mist effect, or different colored lights, which look visually stunning. In some cases, the lights can even change color according to the water temperature, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of chromotherapy.
  2. Hand shower: Also known as a hand-held shower. These are like the traditional hand-held showers, although they also now come with more and more functions. Some examples include the rain or spray effect, which will fill the room with water vapor.
  3. Jets: These holes direct water jets towards different areas of your body at different intensities. They are especially good for relieving back pain.
The shower is now a place to relax and unwind, just like the bathtub.

You’ll often find that modern showers don’t just have a traditional faucet, but a thermostatic faucet. You can use them to regulate both the water temperature and the flow. They also have a safety buffer of 100°F.

And not only that, but the different nozzles have silicone filters to prevent the build-up of dirt and limescale. Plus, with some showers, you can even enjoy a spot of aromatherapy, making your shower a place to relax, just like the bathtub.

Built-in heating

This is a clear example of how home automation (or domotics) has evolved over the last few years. This system is very simple, although you’ll need a decent sized bathroom, since they take up more room than a traditional shower.

In reality, the shower is almost divided into two – one part contains the shower itself, and the other has built-in radiators where you can get changed. With this, you’ll never get cold, because you’ll no longer need to get out of the shower to dry and get dressed. These aren’t just being sold by bathroom specialists, but also by radiator manufacturers.

Seats and shelves

Finally, we want to talk about showers with a built-in seat or shelf where you can leave soap and sponges etc.

As for the seats, there are two main types. The first is simply a sort of plate attached to the wall, with space underneath. The other option is an actual seat, with space underneath that you can use for storage.

Some shower seats fold down so that they don’t get in the way when they’re not needed. They’re particularly useful for children or older people and mean these showers are more accessible.

Having a shower with built-in heating means you'll never get cold again.

If you want a built-in seat, it should be on one of the free walls (i.e. without the sliding screen). They can be made from the same tiles or slates as the rest of the wall or bathroom. This is a very simple and practical solution.

As you can see, bathroom showers have evolved greatly over the years. But if we still haven’t convinced you, don’t worry. Sometimes there’s no need to revamp your entire bathroom. For example, you can add a shower column without having to change the entire shower, which is a far simpler solution.

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