Decor Sets for a Beautiful Bathroom

Bathroom sets can set your bathroom apart from the rest. In our post, we'll offer 8 ideas that'll make your bathroom a functional, comfortable and beautiful room.
Decor Sets for a Beautiful Bathroom

Last update: 18 October, 2018

The decor sets in a bathroom set the style for this irreplaceable room.

A functional and well-decorated bathroom never goes unnoticed. Thanks to bathroom decor sets, we can give our bathrooms a personal feel, creating an intimate and comfortable space.

When we think about bathroom designs, our minds mostly go to accessories that can dress up the area. However, decor sets go beyond aesthetics. They’re also very practical.

There are several kinds of bathroom sets and in our post, we’re going to focus on two of them: furniture sets and accessory sets. We’ll also mention different styles that we can find in bathroom decor sets.

What are bathroom decor sets?

Bathroom sets are accessories that belong to the same group that are, for the most part, used together.

Using the pieces of a set separately is possible, but this risks a result that looks a little incomplete.

These groups are called “sets” because they’re pieces that are meant to be used together.

There’s no fixed number of pieces that belong to a set; there might be two, three or even five.

There are 2 main types of bathroom sets:

  • Counter sets: sets to use on all of the bathroom counters.
  • Accessory sets: these are decorative or functional objects. For example, a toothbrush holder or soap dish.
Bathroom Sets Small Accessories

Both sets are neither exclusive nor dependent on one design. However, matching sets to a singular pattern is helpful for creating a decorative style.

This is to achieve harmony and so that the bathroom as a whole seems tied together and not just a potpourri of various items that have nothing to do with each other.

Bathroom sets: counters

Generally speaking, bathroom counter sets consist of storage units. Bathrooms are a room where we need as much space as we can get, which is why these pieces need to be functional.

Below, we’ll give you 4 ideas for counter sets:

  • Sink counter with one or more drawers and mirror: this is a commonly used set as it only includes two elements. It’s idea for smaller bathrooms.
Bathroom set furniture
  • Mirror with hidden storage space and sink counter with one or two drawers: this set includes more storage space. It’s great for hiding small items such as toothpaste, etc.
  • Small iron shelf beneath the sink and another large shelving unit: iron shelves are popular bathroom choices because they’re very resistant. Instead of a sink counter, a small iron shelf right below the sink would also make a great option. This set would store items that will be on view.
  • Mirror and cart: this set just might be the most simplest of options. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; a cart is one of the must practical things you can find anywhere. In addition to providing storage space, you can move it from the bathroom to your bedroom to finish grooming or your makeup.

Bathroom accessory sets

Accessories are crucial for bathroom decor. Without them, our bathrooms would be void of personality and style.

We suggest 4 bathroom accessory sets:

  • Toothbrush holders and soap dishes: this is a classic bathroom set. Normally, these items are sold together and it’s easy to find one that you like. There are sets of all kinds of materials: wood, plastic, metal, chrome, etc.
  • Storage set: basket or box sets, etc. These kinds of sets are found in many bathrooms. We could always use a little more space in the bathroom and these storage sets really come in handy. They also bring a bathroom together. Remember, 3 is the magic number for creating a balanced composition. Three wicker baskets, three boxes, etc.
  • Textile sets: bathroom textiles are also worth-mentioning and we can find them in sets. For example: towels, rugs, curtains and shower or bathtub rugs, etc.
Bathroom sets Rugs


Bathrooms, similar to the other areas of the home, should sport their own style. This can follow the general home style, or it can be something different.

Bathroom decor sets can use any of the following styles:

  • Modern, industrial
  • Vintage
  • Nordic
  • Classic
  • Rustic


Bathroom decor sets require careful consideration and should fit our storage and space needs.

They need to follow a certain design and everything needs to balance well together, not just the pieces themselves, but the whole house.