3 Novel Bathroom Towel Hangers

Check out the towel hangers that we've gathered for our post today.
3 Novel Bathroom Towel Hangers

Last update: 10 December, 2018

Towel hangers are an essential accessory in any bathroom. In addition to serving their original purpose, they also contribute to your bathroom decor. If you’re thinking about changing your bathroom towel hangers and want something different and original, we’ll show you some novel ideas in our post today.

They’re all practical examples. Towel hangers have to be functional; you have to be able to leave towels on them easily and comfortably. But practicality doesn’t always come hand-in-hand with aesthetics. So, we’ve chosen a few eye-catching designs.

1. Wooden ladder

Ladder towel hangers are in. They’re truly an original way to give your bathroom a unique touch. You can reuse an old ladder by restoring it with bleach, varnish, and paint. If you don’t have the time or if you’re not a craft fan, you can find them at any home decor store.

Towel hanger wooden ladder

The ladders come in different heights and widths, making it easy for you to adapt them to your bathroom. As you can see above in the picture, these towel hangers don’t take much space, so we recommend them for smaller bathrooms.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, these ladders are very practical because their many steps can hold several towels. The bathroom in the picture uses two basic, white towels, but you can play around with the colors and patterns.

These wooden towel hangers are perfect for breaking up a monotone bathroom. Most bathroom objects are ceramic and these towel hangers can bring in warmth and different textures.

2. Metallic towel hanger

Our second option is a metal adjustable 4-bar hanger. It’s perfect for holding any towel, big or small, and makes them reachable from any spot in the bathroom. These towel hangers are unique because of their extendable bars, which can spin and stretch outwards towards sinks or showers.

Metal towel hanger

We thought this was an interesting option because the towel hanger doesn’t really take up any space. It only extends when in use. It’s a very functional design that looks good as well.

As for the design, metal towel hangers go well with any kind of decor. This is a shiny, good-sized hanger, so it makes a lovely decor element. In the picture above, the bathroom uses a couple of mustard yellow towels that contrast with the rest of the bathroom, giving it color and life.

3. Hook hanger

Our last novel bathroom towel hanger idea is a design that takes us back to our school days, where children hung their belongings on their pegs. This is a pretty unusual design for a bathroom. We normally see hooks on walls or on the backs of doors.

This aluminum hanger can hold four towels and is perfect for big families. It’s a very organized way to hang out all the towels that you need in the bathroom. On top of that, it’s a stainless steel hanger, which means that humidity won’t be a problem.

Stainless steel hanger

Conclusion on towel hangers

When you buy a towel hanger, you should first check to make sure that it’s functional and easy to use. You should also think about how many towels you want to hang, which links to how many people there are in your household.

Once you’ve mulled over those two things, you’ll need to choose a design that works with the size and style of your bathroom.