Hot Tubs: Learn How To Choose The Best One

Hot tubs have a high cost, which is why they're considered luxury items. They come in different shapes, sizes and with multiple accessories. Learn about the health benefits they offer.
Hot Tubs: Learn How To Choose The Best One

Last update: 15 July, 2021

Hydromassage bathtubs or hot tubs combine the pleasure of traditional bathtubs with systems of nozzles or jets through which water comes out under pressure. The impact of these jets on our body generates a very pleasant massage effect. They can even use them for hydrotherapy, programming the intensity at which the water comes out and controlling the temperature.

These innovative hot tubs have become a trend because they come in multiple styles. This is an important aspect because it’s possible to find one that suits your bathroom decor. In addition to elegance and glamor, you will have an element at home that offers you multiple health benefits.

According to studies, hydrotherapy helps mitigate work stress thanks to the body stimuli generated by slight changes in temperature and the massage generated by the pressure with which the water or air comes out. In addition, it improves peripheral vascular circulation and reduces muscle contractures. Do you want to know more about this type of hot tub? Keep reading!

Hot tubs: what to consider when choosing?

Tips for choosing the best one.

The price of hot tubs varies depending on the type of system, the size, and the accessories it includes. For this reason, it’s important when choosing one that you’re familiar with everything that it includes. Also, you need to know if the price is fair to the specs. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to take into account.

Ask for your preferred system

The pressure jets come out of the holes that you see in the hot tub, but they don’t do it by magic. Some of the systems that make this effect possible are:

  • Air system: air comes out through the nozzles of the hot tub generating bubbles in the water.
  • Water and air: in addition to pressurized air coming out of the holes, water comes out, which is why the massage is much more intense. This system is ideal when you want to improve muscle ailments and promote circulation.
  • Water and air and air: this type of system combines the two previous ones, the water comes out through the jets of the base and the air and pressurized water through those of the walls. You don’t have to always use them together, you can use one or the other.

Choose a hot tub shape according to your space

There are different shapes and styles.

There’s a hydromassage bathtub for each bathroom, so they come in different shapes such as rectangular, which can be small or large; quarter circle, ideal for large bathrooms, and asymmetrical, which provide a touch of elegance and unique authenticity.

Hot tubs also have disinfection systems

Hot tubs have their own disinfection system. The manual mode consists of applying a special disinfectant for this type of hot tub and following the instructions to avoid damage to the system. In automatic mode, it must be configured and the work is done by itself.

Ask about the intensity of the noise

Operating thanks to different electrical mechanisms including an electric heater, a motor, and a filter pump, it’s hardly obvious that hot tubs make noise. Still, don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson about the decibel levels of the bathtubs you’ve chosen as a take-home option.

Choose the one that makes the least noise to make the experience more relaxing and pleasant.

Accessories and complements for whirlpool hot tubs

There are different accessories for hot tubs.

Whirlpool hot tubs are very comfortable, but it’s always possible to make them more comfortable with the help of extra accessories such as:

  • Headrest for greater comfort during long baths.
  • Adjustable jets to adjust the intensity and impact of the water outlet.
  • Led lights or chromotherapy to set the mood for your relaxation, romance, or hydrotherapy sessions.

But in addition, it’s possible to include extra modes that improve the experience such as:

  • Programming of the types of massage according to the muscular affection.
  • Anti-traction of hair to avoid damage to the internal circuits.
  • Automatic drying of pipes to prevent accumulation of bacteria and fungi.

From one to ten, how much did you learn about hot tubs?

We hope that the answer is a ten, and that you have the bases to buy the best of the hydromassage hot tubs on the market. Remember that in addition to the initial investment, you have to consider the cost of the installation, which will vary according to the accessories, types of pipes, and other factors that are required so that it’s ready to use.

Now, the stress after work, the contractures that remain due to exercise, or leg pain after a long day will have a deserved end. You’ll enjoy a full body massage with warm or cold water or both, everything will be as you prefer.